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Due to the nature of our business and the products that we offer, items purchased through the bobbychezonline website cannot be returned.

At Bobby Chez we strive to ship the absolute freshest high quality sea food products. Every item that we ship is carefully inspected before it is packaged and shipped. When your order leaves our warehouse it is packed in a specially designed insulated cooler with more than enough refrigerant to prevent spoilage.

Refrigerant is commonly referred to as dry ice. Dry ice is very cold. in fact, it's surface temperature is approximately - -110 degrees F, much colder than regular ice, which has a surface temperature of 32 degrees F. Because dry ice is so cold, it is an excellent refrigerant to keep perishable food products cool until they arrive to you, the customer.The dry ice used in the food products we offer usually lasts between 24 to 36 hours. Since we ship our products via UPS 2nd day air, it is common for little or no dry ice to remain by the time you receive your package. however, your food will still be cold-ready to be put right in your freezer.

Since our product is Made To Order and perishable we will not offer refunds or credits for typographical errors.

If your shipment arrives damaged, please contact us immediately within 24 hours of receipt of delivery. 

All concerns must be addressed within 24 hours of delivery by emailing .

*****Do not discard the product as you may be instructed

to return it for inspection.*****

If you have any questions about our return policy please feel free to email or call us at 856 751-7575x7.

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